Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dope bags for back to school

FANTABULOUS louis vuitton rugsack
This bag is DOPE !!! thats all i have to say haha lol
This amazing canvas prada bag is pretty sick ,
It reminds me of like a safari bag or something haha lol
All in all its a dope bag lol

WOOOW!!! This BBC season 9 gold backpack is just amazing.
Its 100% leather with dollars and diamonds embossed on it .
I just cant get over this bag , its sooo FREAKIN DOPE !!!!!!!!

Insane ICE-CREAM season 9 backpack ,
100% cotton canvas.
This bag is just awseom , the waffle print is
so cool LOL

Sick BBC Season 8 shell backpack, Its 100 % Suede
and the Lining is 100% Nylon.
I love this bag, its just back to basics, plane ans simple
but its DOPE !!!!

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